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Tour visuals for Placebo's world tour.

Made with director Julian House and Sam Williams at Intro. More images / video to come...

Made at Intro with Jason Devine

Made with director Clayton Welham and the team at Why Not Associates
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Ongoing personal project

I worked for six months in 2012 at Crystal CG International as part of the team making animations and visual effects for the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony, directed by Kim Gavin. There was a small team of animators working on each ceremony and we each focused on different songs and parts of the show. I created video content for the 360 degree audience pixel 'screen' comprising of 70,500 LED paddles that could be hand-held by the audience, the 4 huge LED screens at the top of the stadium, The 'rock and roll stage' screen, and for projections in the central area.

Press links: one two three four

Pictures are of parts i made:

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Made with director Julian Gibbs and the team at Intro.


I worked as part of the team at Intro to create this BBC Formula 1 Pre Title Film directed by Julian Gibbs.

My role was to create and grade the montage section. I used actual on board footage of Formula 1 cars as well as footage of various car parts.
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